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About Us

Skin specialist, Ziva has been pampering Clients in Beverly Hills for more than 25 years. The ebullient facialist believes that the face is the "mirror of emotion" and Ziva zeros in on her Clients needs.

But why stop at your face when you can be beautiful all over? Ziva's relaxing aromatherapy body polish is accomplished by massaging essential oils into the hands and feet to increase circulation and then using relaxing oils applied along the spine to sooth and calm. This is followed by a lymphatic massage oil rub down to soften the skin, which is then scrubbed with an abrasive peel to remove all dead skin cells and leave the entire body baby smooth.

For an hour or more you are adrift in a sea of soothing sounds, the aroma of delicious facial and body preparations, the feeling of a warm steam and rich creams on your face, throat and body, as they are massaged into your skin. You lie comfortably with cool compress on your eyelids, listening to soft music and giving in to the sensations of renewal.